The Bristol Refugee Hackday has begun!

We are so excited from how the first evening went and we can’t wait to get started this morning! If you are joining us today visit our collaboration page!

It was an really amazing first evening at the Bristol Refugee Hackday!

Ideas to be developed on include

  • Skill sharing platform – matching people with specific skills with refugees who want to learn them 1 to 1 or in workshops
  • Web platform for “refugee stories” – text, audio, video and artistic development – making them accessible as possible
  • Tool for pairing up people that want to cook, those with food and space and refugees and asylum seeker families with those groups to share meals together.
  • A simple phone day plan with calendar information telling refugees and asylum seekers where they can eat and get help.
  • Asylum dawn web app to support new asylum seekers in ‪#‎bristol‬ access info in their language about what is available.
  • A tool to export numbers or contacts from phone when someone is detained.
  • A project on collating and presenting research and statistics and collecting and visualising data.

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