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The first Bristol Refugee Hackday will take place on 24th and 25th June in Trinity Arts Centre, as part of Bristol Refugee Festival.

It aims to bring those with coding and technical skills, social media and web skills together with those who have experience of the asylum system and the needs of refugees and asylum seekers in Bristol; to use digital technology to help refugees and asylum seekers in Bristol and beyond.

“We want to plant the seeds to develop digital tools to help with some of the issues that asylum seekers and refugees in Bristol, and those who work to support them, face in their day to day lives.”

They are looking for people with relevant skills to attend and pooling their time, knowledge and skills, to work together in teams on new ways to address issues faced by asylum seekers, refugees and organisations that support them in the digital era.

These skills include

  • knowledge of refugee organisations
  • experience of seeking asylum in the UK
  • language skills
  • coding
  • web developing
  • data analytics
  • design
  • communications
  • social media

Hackdays or Hackathons are events that bring people with different skills together to develop digital projects around an issue or theme and usually take place over a weekend.

Around the world Hackathons to support refugees have generally been very successful, we believe Bristol has the skills, assets and organisational infrastructure to create something that can be useful in Bristol and beyond. (The events that inspired the Bristol Refugee Hackday).

The Hackday is currently being supported by Trinity Community Initiatives and Connecting Bristol, but is looking for further sponsorship for this event and for follow on activities to build on the hackday.

People can register at


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